Dr. Rebecca Sachs, the founder of CBT Spectrum, has expertise in treating individuals with Autism, Anxiety, and OCD and related disorders.

She brings warmth, sensitivity, and a strong sense of humor to her practice as a clinical psychologist. By empowering you with the skills to manage your current challenges, you will be better equipped to handle the ongoing transitions in life when new problems arise. 

The life you have imagined for yourself will start to become possible.



  • Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), including Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Dr. Sachs employs research-supported techniques to help you develop an action plan.  
  • By recognizing your own patterns, you will be able to move forward successfully, reducing feelings of isolation and having a meaningful successful life.  
  • Dr. Sachs treats patients of all ages, however she has a unique ability to connect with teenagers and young adults.
  • Board Certified in CBT, Dr. Sachs is often sought out to treat extreme symptoms and complicated cases, she tailors her approach to each patient’s circumstances.