I walked in with an emotionally positive mindset. Rebecca noticed this and after discussing the "why", "how" and how we can maintain the progress I've been making, I felt even better. I realized that I have what it takes to live a meaningful life even when I don't feel so emotional high, thanks to Rebecca. All in all, the session was eye-opening and worth it.  -Corey H.


Words cannot express how much I am glad to have met Dr. Sachs. She has become someone not only I trust but more importantly, my son trusts. I consider Dr. Sachs an expert in her field. Since we have become her patient, my son has made significant improvements. I highly recommend her.  -Robert M.


Dr. Sachs is a dynamic professional. She speaks in a language that young patients understand and that adults appreciate. She is very engaged and organized in structuring her sessions. She teaches practical coping skills and problem solving that resonates with the patient. - Colton G


Dr. Sachs supervised my CBT treatment of a few severely depressed patients in the past few years. In just a few supervisory sessions, Dr. Sachs taught me more about the use of CBT techniques than I have learned throughout years of working in the field of psychology. She made complex concepts clear and accessible, familiarized me with concrete interventions, and tied the CBT theory into practice. My sessions with her expanded my intellectual and clinical acumen and my patients benefited greatly. I use her style of explanation and clarification with my own students and when I provide psychoeducation to my patients. The effect of her teaching is present in my daily work, when I use CBT and DBT techniques to help even the most challenging cases use the power of their own thinking to change their lives. I would highly recommend Dr. Sachs as a teacher, mentor, supervisor, and clinician. - Adi Avivi, Psy.D.