Effective treatment of Anxiety first involves understanding it, why it happens, and its common symptoms and impact on your life. Depending on the how anxiety shows up in your life (panic, specific fears, social anxiety, general & pervasive worry) we will teach you different Cognitive Behavior Therapy  (CBT) techniques to practice and incorporate into every day life. 


We will tailor CBT skills to match your personal experience so you can effectively learn how to cope with strong negative emotions and anxiety:

  • Be more aware of emotions and your flight-fight response
  • Identify anxious thoughts and change them to more helpful ways of thinking
  • Learn how to problem solve vs. worry and how to calm your body and brain down



Dr. Sachs is successful in helping you overcome:

  • Panic
  • Social Phobia (Social Anxiety)
  • Specific Phobias (such as fear of flying, needles, vomiting)
  • Generalized Anxiety or Chronic Worry
  • Separation Anxiety & School Refusal



Anxiety can come in many forms. Fear and anxiety are common and normal emotions that can even help you cope with difficult or dangerous situations.  

However, Anxiety can become a problem when it stops you or your child from enjoying a normal life by affecting school, work, family relationships, friendships or social life. When anxiety “takes over” you feel like you or your child has lost all control. Anxiety can show up as:

  • Physical sensations (such as tight or heavy chest, butterflies or feeling sick, shakiness, muscle tension or pain especially in head and neck)
  • Thoughts (you can’t seem to stop the worrying and negative thoughts, making it hard to concentrate on other things)
  • Behaviors (avoiding or escaping situations that “bring on” unpleasant anxiety; you may stop doing things all together that worry you)


For more information & Resources on anxiety: